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Terms and Procedures of Membership :
There are three types of membership:
1. Active membership: 2.Honorary Membership: 3. Affiliation membership:

This type has the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must have a scientific degree in finance and investment or related specialties.
  2. Annual subscriptions must be paid.
  3. The application must be accepted by the board of directors.
  4. Any stipulations made by the board of directors must be followed.

This is given by the general assembly to those who have contributed to the development of the association’s fields of interest, or provided financial or moral support. An honorary member is exempted from paying subscriptions and is allowed to attend the general assembly meeting and its various committees and take part in the discussions.

This is enjoyed by::

  1. Students specialized in investment or finance or related specialties.
  2. Those who are working or interested in the field of investment and finance but do not satisfy the scientific qualification stipulated for working membership (1).
  3. (1) An affiliated member is exempted of 50% of the annual subscription and is allowed to attend general assembly meetings and its various committees and participate in discussions without the right to vote.

General Rules
Apply for Membership  

The Scientific Association for Investment and Finance is subject to the rules of the scientific associations in Saudi universities according to clause (20) of article (20) in the regulations of the higher education council and universities.

Applying through:
Email:  saif@qu.edu.sa
Fax: 016 380 18 37

Immediate Applying
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